Fueling Your Inspiration. For small or startup businesses. Fuel the ambition. Protect your culture as you grow. Remain unique.

Startup businesses are built on a unique proposition, a unique culture, and have a clear sense of mission and focus that pervades the entire business. This is all driven by the founders who live and breathe the vision for their company.

As these businesses start to grow there is a danger that through initial growth periods the business will lose or dilute what made it unique.

[fyi] is about supporting new businesses through those crucial stages of growth in the first few years.

The need to create new structures, new roles, new processes etc. can all be major distractions. And the wrong hire, promotion, structure and process can be highly damaging to the culture of the business. Which in turn will affect focus on revenue and profit.

At TBD there is a keen understanding of how to protect and evolve companies through organizational design, culture strategies, and leadership coaching.

All in all, TBD will work to help the founders to remain focused on their unique vision.