What is TBD?

TBD [tee-bee-dee]
definition: to be developed, to be determined, to be different 1. because problems and challenges require a laser focused and tailored approach. not a one size fits all, off the shelf solution. 2. because TBD seeks to unlock the potential within businesses and individuals.

TBD is a unique consultancy company founded by Bruce Robertson, who has a potent and proven blend of experience and success in company culture, creativity, innovation, business transformation, and non-scripted content creation and production. TBD transforms culture and performance; supercharges creative organisations and their teams; uses insights to drive innovation to grow or reshape businesses; creates compelling content, and much more.

30 years of in-house experience transforming businesses from within. Exceptional change management skills honed through real business experience and a deep understanding of the role culture plays in successful change. Senior executive roles held across industries, and across functions, bringing creative, strategic, commercial, and specialist knowledge to each project. 

I like to immerse myself in a business to really understand the nuances of where the real challenges lie, in order to identify the underlying causes and provide the most targeted and tailored solution.

Brands I have worked with:

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